Fraktur Bold


What Is Gothic Text?

Gothic text, also referred to as the Fraktur font, is a type of script. It was widely used in Central Europe from medieval times up to the 20th century.

This stylish font is known for its letter designs and distinct calligraphic flair - it will give your text a bold and rich overall look.

Is Gothic Text a Font or Style?

Many people view Gothic Text or Fraktur as a specific font of its own. However, it is more accurately described as a style or family of typefaces. There are many variations within the Gothic or Fraktur typeface family.

How Do You Write in Gothic Text?

To write in Gothic Text using Fraktur fonts, you need a word processor or software that offers Fraktur typefaces. Alternatively, you can use an online Gothic text generator like this one.

You can even use the Gothic style in handwritten scripts but be warned: mastering the unique letterforms of the Gothic style needs a lot of practice.

What Is the Gothic Text Generator?

The Gothic Text Generator is an online tool. It lets you create text with Gothic or Fraktur fonts. You can use the output of this fancy text generator on social media or for ad copies.

How Does the Gothic Text Generator Work?

The Gothic Text Generator uses specific Unicode characters. It relies on a database of Gothic or Fraktur fonts. After it converts your regular text into Gothic style, the outcome has the distinctive characteristics of the Gothic script.

How Do I Use the Gothic Text Generator?

Add your desired text to the generator. It will produce a Gothic or Fraktur version of your content. Finally, click on the "Copy" button under your favorite output.