What Is an Invisible Character?

An invisible character is an empty character that can't be created with the "Space" key on the keyboard. This character is also sometimes called as the "blank character".

How to Send a Blank Message?

In messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram, it is not possible to send the space character directly as a message. To use the empty space character on these platforms, it is necessary to use a character from the Unicode character set, where each character is assigned a number value.

To send a blank message on WhatsApp, copy any of the invisible characters on this page by pressing the "Copy" button under the empty character boxes above.

How to Send a Blank Message on WhatsApp

It is quite simple to send a blank message on WhatsApp using this page. For this, follow the steps below:

  1. First, select one of the invisible characters in the boxes above. These characters provide spaces of different lengths, allowing users to organize their messages according to their preferences.
  2. Copy the invisible space character by clicking on the "Copy" button below the box you selected.
  3. You can use the copied invisible character as a reply in WhatsApp or other messaging apps by pasting it into the message box.

What Does the Invisible Space Copy Paste Page Do?

Invisible characters can be used not only for sending blank messages, but also for text formatting and creating fancy text. By copying and pasting an empty space, you can personalize your messages and texts, especially to stand out on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

What Is the Meaning of a Blank Message?

Sending a blank message is the act of sending a text without any characters or with invisible characters in messaging apps. Such messages usually have no purpose and are simply used to express a gap or silence in communication.

Blank messages can also sometimes be used to attract attention, to give a silent reaction during a dispute, or simply to send a surprising and funny message to a friend.

List of Whitespace Characters

U+0009&#9[ ]
U+0020&#32[ ]
U+00A0&#160[ ]
U+2000&#8192[ ]
U+2001&#8193[ ]
U+2002&#8194[ ]
U+2003&#8195[ ]
U+2004&#8196[ ]
U+2005&#8197[ ]
U+2006&#8198[ ]
U+2008&#8200[ ]
U+2009&#8201[ ]
U+200A&#8202[ ]
U+205F&#8287[ ]
U+3000&#12288[ ]

Source: Wikipedia