What Is Strikethrough Text?

Strikethrough text refers to text that has a horizontal line drawn through its center. It is not a stylish font but a typographical presentation used to signify a deletion or to convey that a particular word or phrase should be considered removed or disregarded.

Why Use Strikethrough Text?

Strikethrough is often used for various purposes:

  1. To indicate errors or text that should be deleted.
  2. To emphasize a change or correction.
  3. For humorous or sarcastic undertones in informal writing or digital communication.
  4. To show completed items in a list.

How to Create Strikethrough Text?

Most word processing software, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, have a built-in function to apply the strikethrough effect. It's typically symbolized by a "S" with a line through it in the formatting toolbar. However, not all platforms or text editors support strikethrough, especially when you want to copy and paste the text.

What Is the Strikethrough Text Generator?

The Strikethrough Text Generator is an online tool that lets users convert standard text into its strikethrough fancy text version. It's a convenient solution for those platforms or applications where manual strikethrough formatting might not be available.

How Does the Strikethrough Text Generator Work?

Utilizing Unicode and specific character mapping, the Strikethrough Text Generator replaces each character in the input text with its corresponding strikethrough representation.

This provides a consistent strikethrough effect across different platforms to create fancy text.

How Do I Use the Strikethrough Text Generator?

To use this tool, simply input or paste your desired text into the provided space. The generator will instantly transform your text, adding a horizontal line through each character.

After conversion, you can copy the strikethrough text and paste it wherever you'd like, ensuring the effect remains consistent and clear, regardless of where it's displayed.